Viking River Cruises’ Aquavit Terrace

Viking River Cruises is now adding the Aquavit Terrace on most of its riverboats. The menu in the evening is definitely casual and does not list any appetizers. We found you don’t need an appetizer here since the meals are actually filling. Posted below is the menu from the other night. We all had the hamburger for dinner. The burger came quickly and was typical size. We thought it was pretty good and I thought it was better than the burger served on Princess Cruises at the grill. I like the Aquavit so far and it was nice to sit out and look at Cologne during the evening. When the weather is nicer, more seating outdoors will be open.


IMG_2911 IMG_3227 IMG_2960


  1. Now that’s my kind of food! Is it available EVERY night? Avalon is having BBQs now in the evenings and I’m looking forward to that too.


    1. Yes it is available every night. We actually ate there tonight. My Mom ordered the pasta and it was really good. I had the jacket potato because I was curious what it was like. It actually was interesting and the onion rings were cooked perfectly and were crispy!


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