Day 13: Regensburg, Germany

Sailing on the Danube

Sailing on the Danube

Yesterday we were in Regensburg and had planned on skipping the tour and walking around the city. Well best plans did not happen due to a delay in transiting locks. The Viking Baldur was not able to make it to Regensburg in the morning since there was a delay in transiting a few locks due to a high amount of traffic on the Main River.

Since there was a delay, Viking arranged for busses to meet up where the Viking Baldur would temporarily dock to allow for tours to go ahead to Regensburg. Well we really did not feel like taking another bus ride so we decided to stay on the boat, which actually turned out to be the best option. First off yesterday was a national holiday in Germany, secondly the transit of the Main and Danube was gorgeous, and third it absolutely poured in the late evening and everyone was then soaked who went on the tour!

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One of the low bridges!

One of the low bridges!


It was nice to have the Viking Baldur to basically ourselves for the day. At one point in the afternoon we decided to have a couple glasses of wine and sit out on the open deck during the transit. This was a nice relaxing way to spend the afternoon away from people. Even though we really didn’t see Regensburg we really needed a break from touring.

We are really enjoying Gruner Veltliner. It is a fantastic white wine.

We are really enjoying Gruner Veltliner. It is a fantastic white wine.

About 5 hours, the Viking Baldur arrived in Regensburg. Now this was rather interesting since it started to pour and everyone who went on tour had to walk back to the boat. Since it was pouring everyone was soaked from head to toe. Now it did become entertaining to watch people trying to get on the boat since there were a lot of men trying to cut the line and get on the boat before others. This was rather comical way to spend the evening. Also the piano player made it more entertaining by playing Stormy Weather, Singing in the Rain, and Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head.

Heading into Regensburg before the rain started

Heading into Regensburg before the rain started

Even though we missed Regensburg, it was nice spending time on the riverboat and having time to relax.

So one additional thing I wanted to note was about the television in the cabin. On the television you can access both the bow cam and lounge cam. The lounge cam is interesting since any talks in the lounge are then transmitted live into the cabin. Also it is more interesting since the camera is always on and people on this boat seem to forget it is live. Well this is a good way to people watch, especially sometimes in the evening. Last night was probably one of the most entertaining evenings on the cruise since it felt like an episode of the Love Boat, though I don’t recall a 30-year age difference on the Love Boat. Definitely some handsy moments and smooching were caught on the cam last night!

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