Day 21: Flying from Budapest to Miami

On June 2nd, I flew home from Budapest. Since my Mom had her flight at 6am on KLM and I had mine on Air France at 6:30am, we went to the airport together.

This was a really early morning, so we decided against taking a taxi. Before arriving in Budapest we had contacted the InterContinental about a transfer to the airport. This was easily set up through the concierge at the hotel. A pick-up was set up for 3:45am and only cost HUF 8500, which was the equivalent of $30.50. The transportation was through a company called Elit and the driver was at the hotel well before 3:45. So we were able to leave early and I swear we were at the airport in less than 25 minutes.

When we got to the airport none of the counters were open yet, and I believe they didn’t open until around 4:15am. Since we were flying business, we could use the sky priority line and were able to skip the long line for all other passengers. We then headed to security and this was very simple. We just had to take out iPads and computers, plus our liquid Ziploc bags.

Once through security there is a huge duty-free store at the Budapest airport. Since it was so early in the morning only the duty-free store was open. We then just waited for our flights at our gates, which were luckily right next to each other. My Mom’s flight then started lining up early, so she joined the Sky Priority line to wait for boarding. Once she was on her flight, I then lined up for mine. People line up early for boarding and neither KLM or Air France seemed to board by zones or aisles.

The Air France flight from Budapest to Paris was uneventful. The seats though for business class are actually coach seats, but the middle seat is left empty. This was fine since the business class section was virtually empty for the flight. Air France did serve a meal for the short flight, which included hot croissants, a meat and cheese plate, and a fruit bowl.

My flight then landed on time and I had my long layover in Paris. I then went through passport control and headed to the Air France lounge. This is when I noticed a slight issue and was rather confused, my flight was listed in both terminal 2E and 2F. Well luckily I was in 2E since this was where my flight left from, but no one in the airport was helpful trying to figure out where my flight actually was going to leave from, even the lounge staff were useless on this issue. I probably wouldn’t have found the Charles de Gaulle airport to be so confusing, if the gate and terminal information had been correct. This made for a confusing morning and made me a bit nervous I was in the wrong terminal. Finally it was time to board my flight and at least I was in the correct terminal.

Normally I hear really negative thoughts about Air France, but I was really impressed with the airline and service in business class. I was greeted with French champagne and the service was friendly throughout the flight. Luckily no one sat in the seat next to me on the flight too. During the flight I watched three movies: Gone Girl; The Imitation Game; and Pride. One thing I found really impressive, before people started using the screens the flight attendants stopped by each seat and showed each passenger how to use the system. No other airline have I been on has done this before.

I was served two meals on the flight. The main meal was amazingly good and had good wine as well, which is shocking to say anymore even in business! Air France does serve foie gras as an appetizer, which was a bit impressive, even though it wasn’t my favorite food item. The 2nd meal was served about 2 hours out from Miami during extremely rough turbulence.

I was really impressed with Air France and I would definitely fly with them again. The service was a step above any airline I have flown in the past, both domestic and international.

After disembarking the flight I headed to customs, which was a breeze with Global Entry even with my passport not scanning. I was through customs in less than 5 minutes and it only took about 10 minutes for the suitcases to start coming out. I probably wouldn’t hesitate to fly through Miami again either.

Overall the trip was really good, even with some of the slowpoke tours. I definitely would take a river cruise again, though it would really depend on the itinerary.

Thank you to everyone who followed along for this trip report and for all the positive feedback!


  1. Lindsay, I so enjoyed your blog. Thank you for taking the time, I felt like I was right there with you and your mom. I look forward to your next travel blog, whenever that will be, hopefully sooner than later!


  2. Lindsay, Becky and I really enjoyed following you and Susan on your river cruise adventure! We looked forward to checking our emails each day to see if you had posted a new blog. We’re booked for a similar trip next year and you sharing your experiences have already really helped in making our own plans. Thanks for sharing with us! Gerry & Becky


    1. Thank you Gerry! If you have any questions at all on the itinerary or about river cruising, just let me or my Mom know!


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