IMG_0383We spent the last few days of the trip in Epcot. On Christmas morning I woke up feeling congested, which worsened throughout the day. By the end of Christmas day I was down for the count for the rest of my time at Disney. Unfortunately this post is going to reflect that since Epcot was basically a bust for me and I ducked out of the park early each day.

Mainly we just walked around Epcot since this isn’t a park with a lot of rides. We did go on Test Track, Soarin’, and Spaceship Earth since we had FP+ reservations.

The only dinner reservation we had was at Chefs de France for Christmas day. I don’t remember what anyone else ordered, but I just had the French Onion Soup. The soup had a good flavor I remember and wasn’t salty like a lot of onion soups, but unfortunately I only ate half since I was feeling rather lousy at that point. I actually went back to the hotel partway through Christmas dinner.

For the rest of the time in Epcot we just walked around. The big focus of Epcot is really the World Showcase. I do have to admit this wasn’t a huge draw for me. Since I’ve traveled to most of the countries in the World Showcase, the Disney version of them isn’t a big deal to me. Mainly most of the pavilions are just shops, restaurants, and exhibits (films and various cultural collections). This part of the park is really wasted on me. Now if you are in a big group and drinking around the world, that may make the experience more entertaining. In general though just walking through shops is a bit dull.IMG_4446

In the Mexico pavilion we did stop for drinks and guacamole. We all had margaritas and they did taste good. Unfortunately I could only drink a little bit of mine since I just wasn’t up to having a drink. If you know me, you know skipping out drinks is a rare occasion!

After a few days in Epcot it was time to head home. I actually was still stick when I got home. The drive back to Miami is about 3-hours, but there was a ton of traffic and it actually took closer to 4-hours to get to Ft. Lauderdale from Orlando.

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