Virgin Gorda

Have you ever seen photos of a beach with large boulders and rock formations looming out of the clear blue water and the surrounding beach? Well this beach with the fascinating geological rock formations is located on the Caribbean island of Virgin Gorda.


If you aren’t familiar with Virgin Gorda, the island is part of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Virgin Gorda is the third largest island following Tortola and Anegada; plus, it is the second most populated island in BVI. The island hasn’t been overrun with megaresorts, though it is extremely popular with the yachting and sailing crowd.


We were in Virgin Gorda on New Year’s Eve and this was also our final port of the cruise. The Pacific Princess anchored just outside the harbor, which required the use of tenders to get ashore. The tenders dropped all passengers off in the marina. From the marina, you could grab a taxi to take you on an island tour.

Since it was a holiday our only goal for the day was to visit The Baths.  The Baths are the major tourist destination on the island and incredibly popular. From the marina, you can take a short taxi ride to the entrance of The Baths.

At the top of The Baths there is a few shops and a restaurant. To enter The Baths though you must pay an entrance fee of $3. Once you pay at the entrance, you can walk down to The Baths through a forested trail area. I highly recommend some decent water shoes with traction. You will be walking on slipper rocks at times.


There are two sides to The Baths. We decided to just stick with the easy side and not crawl around rocks to the other. Now the other side is supposed to be much nicer with less crowds and more beach, but we just weren’t in the mood to head over (probably a good thing since it did pour at one point for a good 30-minutes).

Now I do have to provide a heads up. The Baths are absolutely crazy packed at times! There really wasn’t a moment to relax because of the numerous amounts of people coming from boats anchored right in the bay. There are a lot of day trips from the nearby islands to The Baths. I found earlier in the morning to be better for visiting The Baths.

The Baths Beach

Before the crowds

Next I want to mention again, I highly recommend a decent pair of water shoes for two specific reasons. The first reason is traction for walking the trail. The second reason is a bit unfortunate, the beach may look clean but there is quite a bit of broken glass in some areas.

After we were done at the beach we headed back to the top of The Baths. Here we stopped and had a couple drinks at the restaurant. The drinks were a bit pricey but fantastic. We had Passion Fruit and Guava Daiquiris. From the restaurant, we had a gorgeous view overlooking The Baths. If you don’t want to hike down to the water but still want to see the rock formations, I highly suggest at least stopping at the restaurant.

Once our drinks were finished, we found a taxi to take us back to the marina. The Baths are interesting to view and this is really the must see for Virgin Gorda.

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