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New Year, New Name

Happy belated New Year and new blog name! For 2017 I decided to revamp Travel Lindsay into Contemporary Wanderer. Everything is still here from before; my site just has a new name and I finally purchased my own domain!  05ef7972-9756-4f33-989c-7b7ae5165f66

Besides a change in blog names, I recently got back from a 14-night cruise on the Pacific Princess to the Caribbean. This was my 5th Christmas cruise and my 1st New Year’s cruise. This was certainly a fun vacation and you’ll be seeing some travel blog posts soon!

Another highlight for the year is work! I’m now teaching 4 university courses this semester, plus I’m still brewing. I’m teaching two classes on fermentation, another on the restaurant industry, and lastly a course about travel. I definitely will be busy this year with work but the year is shaping up to be interesting!

Stay tuned for some new posts and have a great 2017!